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Rick Dove (Download complete resume)

Adjunct Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology
Principal, Kennen Technologies
Chairman, Paradigm Shift International
2720 West Plum Hollow Drive, Anthem, AZ 85086, USA

Rick Dove is an Adjunct Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in the School of Systems and Enterprises, where he develops and teaches graduate courses in the engineering and design of agile systems, self-organizing systems of systems, and enterprise systems – with an emphasis on resilient response, innovative response, agile security, system interoperability, and self organization.

Rick is co-founder and partner of Kennen Technologies, LLC, which licenses semiconductor IP and SDK software for a breakthrough pattern recognition processor -  expected to be the engine that enables an era of semantic technology, and removes obstacles to complex pattern recognition of all kinds.

Rick founded Paradigm Shift International in 1991 as an agile enterprise research and guidance firm; providing interim executive management and thought leadership in agile enterprise architecture, infrastructure, and security.

He is author of Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making, Iceni Books, 2005; author of Response Ability: The Language, Structure, and Culture of the Agile Enterprise, Wiley, 2001, and co-author of 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy, Diane Pub Co, 1991.

He co-chaired the 1991 industry-led 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy project conducted at Lehigh University that identified Agility as a principle competitive issue. He has facilitated partnership formation strategies, funding, and program management for major consortia projects such as the AIMS Agile Manufacturing Pilot project funded by ARPA (Lockheed, Texas Instruments, Rocketdyne).

In 2002 he accepted a full time change management assignment as President of the ProMetal division of Extrude Hone Corporation, a company with MIT-licensed layered-manufacturing technology that prints three dimensional objects from metal powders. In 12 months he took this R&D-locked organization into commercial operation, selling two different highly-complex machines and services from two shops that provided art-to-part production.

In 1999 he accepted a 7/8-time start-up management assignment at Silterra, a new semiconductor foundry near Penang, Malaysia. Over 2-1/2 years he served as the initial CIO/CSO where he architected and program managed the design and implementation of a unique highly adaptable enterprise IT infrastructure, a unique eBusiness capability featuring active service management and customer relationship interaction, an integrated factory planner/scheduler uniquely featuring continuous operation, and an on-line corporate strategic-project portfolio management system. He also planned a next-generation IT security program consistent with the high exposure and value of on-line information, and led a quarterly management/executive development program.

In 1994 he accepted a 3/4 time assignment at The Agility Forum at Lehigh University, as Director of Strategic Analysis and Chairman of the Strategic Analysis Working Group. Over a two year period he developed and managed the research agenda, organized and managed the industry participation strategy that carried out the agenda, chaired the Agile Operations and the Agile Business Practices focus groups, planned and managed the development of the Best Agile Practice benchmarking reference base, and designing and organized the Forum’s acclaimed 1995 conference with over 100 technical papers presented on Agility.

In 1991 he accepted a DoD funded, NSF-channeled assignment at Lehigh University, as co-principle-investigator of the 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy project, founding the concept of agile enterprise.

In 1989, as president of Flexis Controls, a manufacturing software firm, Rick chaired the National Center for Manufacturing Science's Technology Review Board, and led the development of this consortia's first research agenda. In adjacent years he also organized and implemented the structure and operating policies for industry participation groups, and chaired the Computer Integrated Operations group.

Rick was instrumental in developing initial USA relationships with the Japanese-initiated Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) international consortia on manufacturing research. His monthly essays on competitive manufacturing and enterprise were published in the USA, China, Korea, and India. He has done business in Malaysia, China, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK.

Prior to 1991 he was a principal in a variety of corporate start-up and turnaround ventures. He has raised venture funding, led companies, experienced all executive positions, and founded and fixed companies in the computer, office products, systems integration, software, food processing, and food service industries. Since 1985 he has focused on enterprise effectiveness strategies and organizational change management.

Rick's experience base includes the automotive, aerospace/defense, semiconductor, computer, software, office products, and metal-working industries. He has done graduate work in preparation for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and holds a BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University with a minor in economics.

Career Activities (Download complete resume)

2008- Adjunct Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Systems & Enterprises
2006-2008  Industry Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Systems & Enterprises
2005-  Principal/Co-Founder--Kennen Technologies, Albuquerque, NM.
2005-  Director--INCOSE Chapter, Albuquerque, NM.
2002-2003 President (Assignment)--ProMetal Division of Extrude Hone Corp, Irwin, PA.
1999-2002 CIO/CSO and Strategy (Assignment)--Silterra, Penang, Malaysia.
1994-1995: Director Strategic Analysis (Assignment)--Agility Forum, Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA
1991-1991 Co-Principal Investigator 21st Century Mfg Enterprise Strategy (Assignment)--Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.
1991- Chairman/CEO--Paradigm Shift International, Taos County, NM.
1989-1991 Chairman TRB, (Member)--National Center for Mfg Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI.
1987-1991: CEO--Flexis Controls (nee Savoir), Hayward, CA, President/CEO, and Chairman.
1982-1987: Chairman/CEO--The Marketing Forum, Oakland, CA, Founder.
1977-1981: VP--Friden-Alcatel, Hayward, CA, Vice President, Dir of Engineering, Dir of Marketing.
1975-1985: Chairman/CEO--Montclair Winery, Oakland, CA, Founder, Winemaker.
1971-1977: VP--Ball Computer Products, Sunnyvale, CA, Director of Engineering, Director of Marketing.
1969-1971: Staff--Berkeley Computer Corporation, Manager of Support, Systems Developer.
1965-1969: Staff--Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science, Systems Developer.
1961-1965: Staff--Westinghouse Research Labs, Computer Science, Systems Developer.

Selected Professional Activities

  • Chair - INCOSE working group on Agile Systems and Systems Engineering - since Oct 2012
  • Chair - INCOSE working group on Systems Security Engineering - since Jan 2007
  • Contributing author, 2013. Three sections of IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Computing: 2030 and Beyond. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, April
  • Plenary presentation, 2012, Introduction to Self-Organizing Adaptive Systems, IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST), Newton, MA, 15-18 Oct
  • Invited workshop participation - 2012 workshop: Computational Cyber Security In Compromised Environments (C3E), Office of the Director of National Intelligence and NSA, West Point, 10-12Sep; 2012 workshop: IEEE Computer Society Smart Grid Vision Project Cyber Security Workshop, U. of Illinois, Urbana, IL, June 21; 2011 workshop: Computational Cyber Security In Compromised Environments (C3E), Office of the Director of National Intelligence and NSA, Keystone, Colorado, 25-28Sep; 2011 workshop: Rethinking Cybersecurity: A Systems-Based Approach, Center for Risk, Management of Engineering Systems and the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), University of Virginia, 16-17Nov; 2010 workshop: New Approaches to Security Engineering, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), Washington D.C., 31Mar-1Apr.
  • Keynote: Systems Engineers R Us-Oldest Profession in the World, AFRL La Luz Academy, Kirtland AFB, 2010Jul
  • Keynote - "Agile Enterprise Cornerstones: Knowledge, Values, Response Ability ", IFIP 8.6 Conference, May 2005
  • Monthly Column "Utility Agility", published by five subscription newsletters, circulation 250,000, 2004-2005
  • Book: Value Propositioning - Talent of Champions - Book One: Perception and Misperception in Decision Making (Dec 2004)
  • Book: Response Ability: The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise, Wiley, 2001
  • Book (co-author): 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise, Diane Pub Co, 1991.
  • Monthly Column "Agile and Otherwise" in Automotive Design & Production, GardnerHanzer, 1994-2001
  • Chairman/Organizer, Discovery Workshop Series - Business Engineering Principles For Change Proficiency, 1997
  • Chairman, Change Management Session and Enterprise Reference Model Session, 6th Annual Agility Conference, 3/97
  • Chairman, Aerospace Industry Session and and Business Practices Session, 5th Annual Agility Conference, 3/96
  • Chairman, Agile Business Practices Industry Group, Agility Forum, 1995/96
  • Chairman/Organizer, Program Committee, Agility Forum 4th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 1995
  • Chairman/Organizer, Agile Maquiladora Conference, El Paso, TX, October, 1994
  • Chairman, Strategic Analysis Working Group, Agility Forum, 1994/95
  • Chairman, Agile Operations/Production Focus Group, Agility Forum, 1992/93/94/95
  • Chairman, Plenary Session: People, Partnerships, Technology; member Exec Committee, IPC Conference, 4/94
  • Chairman, Agile Production Migration Strategies Session, IPC Conference, 4/94
  • Chairman/Organizer: Agility and How it Relates to Your Organization, Hewlett Packard Seminars, 1993
  • Chairman, Plenary Session: Intelligent Manufacturing; member Executive Committee, IPC Conf, 4/93
  • Chairman, DARPA MADE Agile Production Working Group, 1992/93
  • Chairman, Forum: Manufacturing Agenda in the '90s, SME Autofact Conference, November, 1992
  • Chairman, Systems Architecture Session, SME Autofact Conference, November, 1992
  • Chairman, Plenary Session: Enabling Flexibility; member Exec Committee, IPC Conference, 4/92
  • Co-Chairman - Agile Manufacturing Conference, Orlando, Florida, Dec 91, Lehigh University
  • Co-Principal-Investigator, 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy, Lehigh University, 1991
  • Chairman/Organizer, IMS International Session, SME Autofact Conference, Chicago, 11/91
  • Chairman (1990/91) of the Technical Review Board, National Center for Mfg. Sciences
  • Chairman (1990/91) Computer Integrated Operations Strategic Initiative Group, NCMS

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