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Jim Burkhard
Paradigm Shift International
Software Development

Career Experience

Jim is responsible for all aspects of Software Development at Paradigm Shift International. He is also a partner in Kennen Technologies, LLC, responsible for Systems Development.

Jim has over 30 years experience in the complete product life-cycle of software products including building and managing the teams necessary to provide Concept to Customer development, Continuation Engineering, and Customer Support. PC-based commercialized products he had design and development responsibility for include a system to write and monitor patient treatment profiles; a system to write and monitor time based patient plans of care; a computer-aided-design system for designing real-time factory-wide control processes; a system for medical records professionals to encode disease and procedure information, calculate Medicare reimbursement, and create a patient medical abstract; a system to translate stenographic shorthand to text for the production of legal proceeding transcripts; an OCR page scanner using software pattern recognition.

Jim has been Vice-President of Medicus Systems, Vice-President of Development at Flexis Controls (nee Savoir); Co-founder and Vice President of Technology at Baron Data Systems; and Co-founder and Vice President of Software Development at Decision, Inc.

Selected Accomplishments

Developed system to provide near real-time loading of a DataMart using messaging from ERP and shop floor manufacturing systems.  Using Java and EJB’s, the system provided for asynchronous data extraction from multiple sources, message generation, routing and guaranteed delivery.  The system allowed customers web-based access to production status of orders with a 15 minute lag.

Designed and developed PC based system to write and monitor resource based patient treatment profiles.  Primary user targeted at Case Managers in a hospital.  System developed using Visual Basic and Access.

Designed and developed system to write and monitor time based patient plans of care.  System initially used by nurses in acute care hospitals.  Monitoring system developed in C++ for UNIX using PC’s as X-11 terminals.  Plan generation portion written in Smalltalk.  Development included object oriented interface to a relational database (Oracle) and seamless “scalability” from a single unit to institution wide use.

Led development for “productization” of a system to allow Control Engineers to design real time control processes on a workstation using a graphical control flow language (Grafset).  These processes are then downloaded to factory floor controllers.  The user at the workstation is able to connect to the controllers to monitor and debug the running control processes.  System developed in LISP and C in a peer networked environment.

Designed and developed a system for Medical Records Professionals which provided for rapid encoding of disease and procedure information, calculation of Medicare reimbursement and creation of a patient medical abstract.  Included a rule based expert system for the application of clinical edits to the encoding process.  System developed in C on UNIX for departmental implementation and concurrently in C for the PC and DOS for standalone use.

Designed and developed system to translate stenographic shorthand to text for the production of transcripts of legal proceedings.  Provided for real-time translation and editing to provide instantaneous transcripts used in TV closed captioning and major trials.  System written in assembler on a micro-computer and later migrated to PCs using C.

Designed and developed an OCR page scanner using software pattern recognition for multiple fonts and hand printed numerics.  System developed using assembler on a minicomputer. the E. O. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Jim was a project leader for pattern recognition system that contributed to the Nobel Prize for Luis Alvarez in 1968; and assistant project leader Joint UAR-USA Pyramid project searching for hidden chambers in the pyramids at Giza, Egypt, UAR.

Jim has a BA in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley.

2010- PARADIGM SHIFT INTERNATIONAL, Inc., Software Development.
1995-2005: CONSULTANT
1991-1994 MEDICUS SYSTEMS, Inc., Vice-President.
1990-1991: CONSULTANT.
1988-1990: FLEXIS CONTROLS, Inc. (nee Savoir), Vice-President, Development.
1987-1988: CONSULTANT.
1976-1987: BARON DATA SYSTEMS, Inc., Co-founder, Vice President of Technology.
1970-1976: DECISION, Inc., Co-founder, Vice President of Software Development.
1963-1970: E. O. LAWRENCE BERKELEY LABORATORY, Project Leader

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