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Bob Dove
Associate, Vice President, Paradigm Shift International
Vice President. The Lyceum Group

Dr. Bob Dove is an experienced consultant in workforce development, strategic planning, grant writing, workshop facilitation, team development, quality programs, agility concepts, and change management. He has over 25 years of experience designing, presenting and facilitating workshops and seminars for business, industry, school administrators and faculty members. He has also performed numerous occupational and job profiles and completed job task analyses for a variety of industries and workforce development organizations.

He has completed a number of major consulting projects for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center, the Commission for Workforce Excellence, and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Connection (a school-to-work consortium). In 1998 he created local and regional workforce development strategies as chief consultant for a seven-month workforce development project concerning IT workforce issues for a Maryland economic development corporation. He also coordinated a regional conference on workforce development issues and consulted with a number of companies on IT workforce issues as part of that project.

He has served as the Academic Dean of two different private career schools, and was the Director of Consulting and Training for a software development firm. He has also served on the governing boards of four consortia and on the Educational Advisory Board of CAM-I (Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing – International).

Dr. Dove serves on numerous advisory boards including: the Labor Market Council of the Three Rivers Workforce Development Board, the Wireless Network Project advisory board, and the advisory boards for Tech PA and Y- Tech’s Computers for Kids Project.  He is also a co-founder of the Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium, recently gained certification in competency modeling, and is a certified ACT Job Profiler.

Recent projects include:

  • Facilitated focus groups for projects with PNC Bank, Crown Castle International, the Los Rios Community College District, and as part of the RealSearch process for the Agile Group Enterprise.

  • Completed competency modeling projects for the University of Pittsburgh, Port Authority of Allegheny County, and Extrude Hone.

  • Completed research project for the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board (TRWIB) identifying basic computer skill requirements of 100 employers and validated a certification test that can be used as a reliable assessment for those skills.

  • Piloted a computer certification test (ICDL) with employers for the southwestern PA region’s CareerLink offices as a follow up to the Basic IT Skills research project.

  • Currently consult for and sit on the Labor Market Council of the TRWIB.

  • Completed a research project for the Carnegie Mellon Center for Economic Development that identified the major components of job search processes as applied to youth career development.

  • Provide career development research and expertise to a variety of regional entities including Workforce Connections and the Career Literacy Advisory Board.

  • Analyzed 36 jobs for the Port Authority of Allegheny County, recommended skill tests, validated tests, and prepared training manuals for each position.

  • Managed a job classification project for the Los Rios Community College District in Sacramento, CA.  including survey design, data collection and analysis, focus group facilitation, strategic planning, job analysis, writing job descriptions, and reports.

  • Designed and implemented faculty development seminars/workshops for the LA County Office of Education over a three-year period.

  • Created IT workforce development strategies as chief consultant for a Maryland economic development corporation.  Coordinated a conference on workforce development and consulted with a number of companies on IT workforce issues.

Curriculum Design Experience

  • Designed and taught a Knowledge Management series of five courses for California University of Pennsylvania.

  • Designed courses and curricula for 3 private business schools while in the position of Academic Dean over a period of 15 years.

  • Designed a course for the TRWIB website: “A Teacher’s Guide to Creating Relevancy in the Classroom Using Workplace Related Curriculum Modules.”

  • Designed and presented sales courses for a telecommunications firm.

  • Developed and taught five sections of a Teaching Skills Training Program for faculty.

  • Designed courses in customer service and technology use as Director of the Learning Center for a provider of office management software.


  • Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, 1982.
  • Teaching Certificate from Pennsylvania State University, 1972.
  • MA in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University, 1971.
  • Bachelors in History and English from the University of Pittsburgh, 1968.

Career Activities

1998- PARADIGM SHIFT INTERNATIONAL, Vice President, Education & Workforce Development.
1996- THE LYCEUM GROUP, Vice President.
1981- INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, IT Workforce Strategies, Change Management, Team Building, Agility in Schools, Staff and Faculty Development, Quality Assurance Programs, Curriculum and Training Development, Grant Writing, Workforce Development, Job and Task Analysis, and other areas.
1994-1996: PITTSBURGH TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Director/Consultant, Faculty Support Center.
1992-1994: BERKELEY COLLEGES OF NEW JERSEY, Academic Dean.
1987-1992: DELPHI INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Director, Training and Consulting.
1981-1987: DUFF’S BUSINESS INSTITUTE, V.P./Academic Dean.
1975-1981: THE WHEELER SCHOOL, Director, Continuing Education.
Selected Recent Publications
  • “Career Literacy Portal Research Project, Carnegie Mellon Center for Economic Development, (1/04),
  • “ICDL Test Item Analysis Mapping to Computer Skill Benchmarks,” published by the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, (5/03),
  • “Information Technology Basic Skills Study,” published by the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, (4/03),
  • "An IT Workforce Development Audit," a copyrighted audit process (1/99)
  • "Attracting, Retaining and Growing a High Tech Workforce," a white paper completed for the PenMar Development Corporation of Maryland. (7/98)
  • "Growing a Regional Work Keys Program in Southwestern Pennsylvania," published by ACT in Work Keys USA, Winter 1998. (3/98)
  • "ACT’s Work Keys - Friend or Foe of Proprietary Schools," published by the Blaxandall Company, Inc., Oshkosh, WI. (11/96)
  • "Becoming an Agile Faculty Member," published in To Improve The Academy by the P.O.D. Network, New Forums Press, Inc. (10/96)
  • "Transforming Faculty into an Agile, Mobile Workforce," on the Agility Forum’s AGILENET, (3/96)
  • "Using Student Study Teams to Improve Retention," published by the Blaxandall Company Inc., Oshkosh, WI. (1/96)
  • "Academic Syndromes Revisited," published in To Improve The Academy by the P.O. D. Network in Higher Education, New Forums Press, Inc., Publisher. (10/95)
  • "Agility in Higher Education: A Model That is Still Evolving," published by the Agility Forum, Lehigh University. (3/95)

Sampling of Recent Presentations

  • Scheduled for 10/99 – "Creating a Community that Works Together to Create Career Opportunities for Youth," LA County Teachers Workshops.
  • Keynote: "Creating a Comprehensive IT Workforce Development Strategy," (RCTIE annual meeting in Kansas City, 7/99)
  • Keynote: "A Five-Pronged Approach to Addressing Regional IT Workforce Shortages," (Silicon Prairie Technology Association, Kansas City, 7/99)
  • "Creating an IT Workforce Development Strategy," (Association of Information Technology Professionals, Hagerstown, Maryland, 3/99)
  • "Integrating Work Keys® into the Curriculum" (PA Association of Two-Year Colleges, 10/98)
  • A Comprehensive Approach to IT Workforce Issues" (designed and facilitated this one-day conference for workforce development organizations in Maryland, 7/98)
  • "Becoming an Agile Faculty Member," part of NSF funded program in Detroit (‘96) in cooperation with Lawrence Technological University; and Los Angeles (‘97 &’98) in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Office of Education.
  • "Realizing the Benefits of ACT’s Work Keys Program"
  • "Using Job Task Analysis for the Creation of an Agile Mobile Workforce," (Agility Forum 3/97)
  • "Leading Significant Change" (Delphi Systems user group conference, 5/96)
  • "Transforming Faculty into an Agile, Mobile Workforce" (Private School Conference, 3/96)
  • "The Faculty Developer’s Role in Creating an Agile Institution" "The Faculty Developer’s Role in Creating an Agile Institution" (Professional and Organizational Development Conference, 10/95)
  • "Dropping Out is Not the Problem" (Educational Administrators Conference 4/95)

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