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Jack Ring
Associate, Paradigm Shift International
Owner, Innovation Management, Scottsdale, AZ.

Jack Ring applies systems principles and systems engineering practices to the evolution of peopled systems such as business enterprises, and he mentors high tech organizations regarding strategy, innovation, organization, business process and growth. He is experienced in a variety of markets and businesses including industrial, commercial, aerospace, intelligence and the public sector. Jack learned management competencies at General Electric.

Professional Experience

1990 - 2004; Innovation Management, President

  • Coach and mentor to founders of more than a dozen high tech startups.
  • In parallel, founded and led the 140 person Intelligent Enterprises Working Group of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) to research the necessary and sufficient conditions of intelligent behavior in systems comprised mostly of humans.
  • In parallel, founded the Systems Value Management Studio to explore the efficacy of eLearning technologies for increasing the competency of practitioners in systems thinking and application.
  • Participated in Realsearch workshops with Paradigm Shift International at LSI Logic, Pratt and Whitney and GM Parts Division in an action research program to refine the ten principles for design of agile systems.
  • Testing and evolving nine process patterns that enable sufficient enterprise agility to operate, adapt and align simultaneously.
  • Duke Power Company - Retained as consultant on a project to prototype an executable model of the enterprise. After three months of oversight I recommended that the project be cancelled.

1994 -1995; Dedicated Project, as Director, Object Technology Practice, IBM Consulting Group. 

  • Recruited by Dr. Tom Love to help build up a cadre of 150 world-class practitioners.
  • Led responses to Energy market segment clients. Led a proposal to create an executable, holistic model of the assets, processes, competencies and threats comprising the generation, transmission and distribution aspects of a major electrical utility. Also, directed proposals and projects for various applications.
  • Led responses to Insurance market segment clients. Showed a major company how to bootstrap this new technology into a ten fold better pace of IT development.
  • Led the definition of an internal infrastructure that was sufficiently agile for the development of a variety of client systems throughout the marketplace.
  • Personally turned around a $10 Million fixed priced software development project that was foundering in the fourth month of a thirteen month project. Redirected the effort with systems engineering principles and practices, arrived at a system design in month six and led the very detailed planning for completion of the system development. Acceptance was accomplished on the originally committed schedule. System continues to operate flawlessly supported by only one person.

1991 Dedicated Project as VP Corporate Development, Ascent Logic Corp.

  • Led turnaround of a two year old high tech startup specializing in software tools for design of large scale, complex systems. Stabilized and oriented company and attracted million dollar orders. Decided to not pursue the CEO role.

1988 -1990; Dedicated Project, as VP Corporate Development, Edelbrock Corp.

  • Revitalized their product development capability which had been creating about four new products per year but had fallen to zero new products for three previous years. By second year our pace of new product output was twelve per year on an R&D budget of less than 5% of revenue. Created agile product, process and prospect development teams and equipped them with computer-aided design and computer-aided test. Converted Customer Support squad to a sell-up team that more than paid for the service. Showed CEO that the company’s market presence far exceeded R&D capacity and recommended goal-seeking alliances with other development companies. Revenues quadrupled in next five years.

1977 -1987; Honeywell Computer Systems.

  • 1985 -1987, Director, Special Projects, Industrial Automation Division
  • 1983 - 1984, Director, Advanced Projects, Manufacturing Systems Division
    Director, Los Angeles Development Center
  • 1980 - 1982 Director, Market Requirements and Planning Member, Corporate Strategy Review Team, Director; Prince Project for defining a possible next-generation main-frame class computer
  • 1977 - 1979 Director, Product Management

1957-1977; GE Aerospace

  • 1975 - 1977 Manager, Information Systems Engineering. Led system design of classified information clearinghouses and the IAEA Nuclear Materials tracking system.
  • 1972 -1975 Manager, Command and Control Software
  • 1968 - 1971 Program Manager, Command and Control Software
  • 1965 - 1967 Project Manager
  • 1963 - 1965 Systems Engineer
  • 1960 - 1962 Test Conductor
  • 1959 - 1960 Sr. Field Service Engineer
  • 1957 - 1958 Field Service Engineer

Professional Memberships

International Council on Systems Engineering. Member, 1990, Fellow in 2002
Systems Dynamics Society, Member, 1995
American Association of Artificial Intelligence, Member, 1995. 

Honors and Awards

  • 2003: Fellow, International Council on Systems Engineering
  • 1997: Advanced Certificate #7, Master of Convergent Engineering, Convergent Engineering Institute, San Mateo, CA, Dr. David Taylor.
  • 1996: Certificate #22 in Convergent Engineering, Convergent Engineering Institute, San Mateo, CA. Dr. David Taylor.
  • 1957: Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship in Radiation Biophysics. Declined.


  • B. A., Physics, Emporia State University, Kansas.
  • Graduate-level studies in systems and technology management, information systems, strategy and planning, quality, leadership development and applied creativity.
  • Graduate of General Manager Course, GE Management Development Institute.

Professional Service


  • SE’ing SE, INCOSE Annual Conference, 2004, Toulouse, FR
  • SE’ing the Intelligent Enterprise INCOSE Annual Conference, 2002, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • System Engineering the Agile Enterprise, INCOSE Annual Conference, 2001, Melbourne, Australia
  • SE Capability Measurement, (with K. Forsberg, W. Wymore) INCOSE Annual Conference, 1994, San Jose, CA, USA
  • SEing the Enterprise, INCOSE Annual Conference, 1993, Washington, D.C., USA


  • Panel Member, Knowledge Management, College of Business Administration Alumni Meeting, Arizona State University.

Focus Group

  • “Systems Engineering Vision, 2010 – 2020; Report of the Wild Card WG” (with A. Wymore, D. Hitchins, R. Schoening), INCOSE, May, 2004

Working Group

  • 2003 – 2004: Trustee, Chaordic Commons,
  • 2002 – 2004: Co-founder, Intelligent Enterprises WG, International Council on Systems Engineering, 
  • 1999 – 2002: Member, Education and Research WG, International Council on Systems Engineering, 


  • “Is SE Evolving Fast Enough? Results of INCOSE 2002 Panel Poll” INCOSE Symposium 2004 Proceedings, Toulouse, FR
  • “Concepts Pertinent to the Future of INCOSE” INCOSE Symposium 2004 Proceedings, Toulouse, FR
  • “Factors Influencing SE Practices by 2010” INCOSE Symposium 2004 Proceedings, Toulouse, FR
  • Measure Mentor Handbook, Wiley and Sons, tbd 
    o Module 50: Measurement staff formation overview. 
    o Module 216: Principle of Concept Of Operations. 
    o Module 218: Development process of a ConOps for a measurement system,
    o Module 219: Case study of a measurement system ConOps.
  • Concept of Operations for a Systems Engineering Education Community, with A. Wayne Wymore, INCOSE 2004 Symposium Proceedings
  • Intelligent Enterprises WG Overview, Oct. 2001, input to INCOSE SEATC Guide
  • Intelligent Enterprises WG Application Profile, Aug. 2001, input to INCOSE SEATC Guide
  • Intelligent Enterprises WG Organization Report Aug 2001, input to INCOSE SEATC Guide 
  • Guide to INCOSE SE BoK Chapter 3, Competency Development of SE Practitioners, Draft, April 01
  • ConOps for the Systems Engineering Education Environment, (with W. Wymore), EMWG Working Paper, 1999
  • System Engineering Capability Survey, Instrument and User Guide, (with A. Wayne Wymore, SANDS, and Frank Alvarez, CSM), placed in public domain, 1998
  • Insights from Space, INCOSE INSIGHT Newsletter, 1Q02
  • Knowledge Management System Metrics, Knowledge Management Consortium International, 1999 and KMPro, 2002. 
  • Modeling Integrated Product, Prospect and Enterprise Development, INCOSE Insight, 3Q2000
  • CEOllaboration A Key Competency in the Era of Hypercompetition,  

Papers Presented at Conferences:

  • “Xtreme Project Management, A Twelve Step Program” Joint ICSE-INCOSE Conference 2004 Proceedings.
  • “Simulating System Management - Project Management” Joint ICSE-INCOSE Conference 2004 Proceedings.
  • “Beyond the System Operator Paradigm; Systems Engineering as a Socio-technical System” “Invited Paper, 2004 Conference on Systems Engineering Research, USC and Stevens Institute of Technology
  • “Enterprise Infrastructure Capability Assessment” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 2002, pg 
  • “Discovering the Architecture for Product X” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 2001
  • “The Next Venue for Systems Engineering” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 2001
  • “Effective Control in Peopled Systems” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 2000
  • “Discovering The Value of Systems Engineering” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 2000
  • “Error Detection And Correction; An Urgent Opportunity For SE” INCOSE San Diego Chapter Conference 2000.
  • “Customers Won’t Want Products” INCOSE Denver Chapter Conference, June, 2000
  • “Rapid Evolution Of All Your Systems – Problem or Opportunity?” with E. Fricke, DASC 2000, 
  • “Overview of a ConOps for a Systems Engineering Education Community” with W. Wymore, INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 1999
  • “When Enterprise = System” International Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, 1999
  • “'They' Call It Knowledge Management” International Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, 1999
  • “Design Review Checklist for a Business Process Model” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 1996
  • “Revitalizing Product Development at the Edelbrock Corp.” Best Paper Award, INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 1994
  • “Improving System Engineering Effectiveness; The Possibilities” INCOSE Conference Proceedings, 1994.
  • “Introduction to Intelligent Enterprises Project” INCOSE San Diego Chapter Mini-Conference, Jan 2001
  • “Telecommunications and eBusiness in the U. S.” Panel Member, INCOSE Annual Conference 2001, Melbourne, Australia
  • “UML for Systems Engineering” Panel Member, INCOSE Annual Conference 2001, Melbourne, Australia
  • “The Chaordic From Of Collaborative Commerce” Invited presentation, Delphi Group Summit Conference, June, 2001
  • “How can SE enhance R&D at LBNL? – an inquiry” Session Leader, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Feb. 2001
  • “SE Capability Models, Assessment and Recommendations” INCOSE San Diego Chapter Conference, Jan 2001
  • “Integrated Product, Process, Prospect and Enterprise Development” OCATE, Portland State University, Oregon, Nov. 2000 
  • “Pursuit Proficiency in Peopled Systems” INCOSE San Diego Chapter Conference, Jan 2000.
  • “Xtreme Project Management” Invited Banquet Speaker, Systems Management Conference, Province of Manitoba, Canada, Apr. 1999
  • “System Envisioning” ACM Workshop, ACM Annual Conference, 1998
  • “When Business = System” INCOSE San Diego Chapter Conference, 1997

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