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The Discovery Workshop Series

is a cost-effective way for both hosts and traveling participants to solve real problems, gain experience at designing innovative business practices, and develop new competencies. This 3-day workshop augments internal traditional thought with objective viewpoints and experiences of visiting participants; accelerating the progress of internal learning and broadening the effectiveness of results. Workshop subjects are host-specific priorities chosen for their fundamental and universal interest. This attracts experienced qualified visitors to the Realsearch Team and engages their full participation - everyone comes to learn fundamental knowledge, practice its application, and explore a bold design model.


  • To build bold, innovative, robust design models of critical business practices.
  • To arm participants with enough knowledge and experience to complete these design models to fit custom corporate priorities and opportunities.
  • To develop personal insightful competency in the application of robust design principles.


  • Viable solutions to real problems: Robust change proficient design.
  • Innovative achievement of real opportunities: Sustainable change proficient leadership.
  • Comprehensive: Design models contain both vision and strategy to motivate and enable.
  • Management development: Process develops a team with insightful, leverageable competency.
  • Broadly communicable: Local Metaphor Model conveys important values and strategies to broad audience.
  • Bold attainment models provide an irrefutable pre-emptive set-point: Anything else is less.

What This Process Can Deliver:

  • Solve a real problem or opportunity.
  • Jump start your own internal program.
  • Open up the thinking of your own people.
  • Introduce change tolerance into your business practices, processes, and strategies.
  • Establish your real requirements before accepting or evaluating proposed solutions.
  • Build an internal communications platform for broad acceptance of new practices.
  • Establish an in-your-face set-point challenge for measuring proposed solutions.
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PSI Inc. 3/1/98

Structured Process & Tools

The Realsearch Process

  • Realsearch is a workshop discipline that helps real people solve real problems in real time effectively - while developing deep, fundamental insights. It structures the learning, application, and communication of fundamental principles - guiding participants toward unique, robust, attainable solutions - and leaves a legacy of new management competency.

Typical Agenda

  • Day 1: Reviews relevant external cases and builds Local Metaphor Model from familiar respected host practice or process.
  • Day 2: Begins design model activity - identifies critical issues and values.
  • Day 3: Completes design model activity: generates strategic theme and functional activity map, generates design model architecture, and generates selected portions of closure matrix.
  • All workshop activity is self-documenting in real-time.

Issue and Value Identification

  • Establishes critical issues and requirements independent of favored solutions.
  • Establishes issue values and priorities.
  • Provides robust change-tolerant perspective.

Activity Mapping

  • Develops strategic framework themes.
  • Develops key principle-based supporting activities.
  • Develops high-leverage inter-relationships.

Closure Matrix

  • Guarantees the solution addresses the problem.
  • Guarantees the solution is robust and can evolve with needs.

Attainment Model Architecture Icon

  • Succinctly depicts all key elements of both problem and solution in a common insight pattern that leverages communication from the previously developed Local Metaphor Model.

Process Reference Documentation

  • Realsearch concept and process manual.
  • Workshop tools & application manual with detailed design example of a Core Competency Knowledge Management Practice.

Expert Facilitation

Rick Dove co-led the 1991 project that founded the concept of Agile Enterprise. Since then he has developed fundamental metrics, structured assessment methodologies, reference models, design principles, and maturity-models that define organizational change proficiency. In 1991 he founded Paradigm Shift International to pursue the development of tools and understandings that enable organizational change proficiency. As the Agility Forum's first Strategic Analysis Director he established its initial research agenda and industry involvement operating structure. Prior to 1991 he did start-ups and turnarounds in a variety of industries and has experience in all executive management positions. Since 1986 he has been leading mixed-industry working groups at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, at the Agility Forum, and now at Paradigm Shift through structured knowledge creation and application processes; evolving the Realsearch process for insight and management development as a result. He has organized and led commercial, defense, and consortia initiatives in Agile enterprise strategy, development, and deployment. He facilitates strategic and implementation planning for major and mid-sized corporations, conducts management development sessions, and writes a monthly column on emerging Agile enterprise knowledge.

Open Workshop Logistics and Costs

  • Realsearch teams are typically 10-20 traveling people (subject to approval by the host), plus 5-7 host participants.
  • Host Fee: $20,000 for 3-day self-documenting workshop - plus edited and rationalized post-workshop documentation of all working knowledge, results, and instruments.
  • Hosts may register participants as traveling team members for additional sites at $975 each.
  • Host provides meeting rooms and materials, real-time copy services, lunches, breaks, and at least one dinner for all workshop participants.
  • PSI creates a custom pre-reading package of relevant cases and workshop Realsearch tools.
  • PSI conducts a pre-workshop review and familiarization seminar on site the day before the workshop, for host and first-time participants.

Action and Options

Call 505-586-1536 and talk to Rick Dove about hosting an open or private workshop. Ask about options for completing workshop-developed design models, and facilitated transition planning and implementation. Or simply ask for more information.

Why is Bold Important?

Sustainable Leadership - Bold attainment models ignore localized political and emotional roadblocks, delivering preemptive systems solutions. If it is worth doing and it can be done, it will be done by someone. It is better to understand what is possible before you settle for what is comfortable.

Why is Robust Important?

Sustainable Viability - Robust attainment models are designed to evolve and adjust to the effects of changing knowledge and changing knowledge values. Knowledge about everything is changing rapidly today. New knowledge alters the value of old knowledge. Business competition is based on knowledge.

Why is Realsearch Important?

Comprehension - You identify the issues before solutions are entertained, you root your solutions in fundamental principles, and you cast the results into repetitive patterns. You understand why and how with the depth and power of reusable insight.

Commitment - You develop the values and priorities, you develop the solution and strategy, and you design the result to evolve with changing needs. You own the path and the reasons for walking it.

Completeness - You incorporate external knowledge and experience, you employ a systems-thinking discipline that drives to closure, and you package the result in communicable form. You ensure that the solution addresses the problem and that they are both understandable to others.

What is Behind Realsearch?

Twelve years of development and continual refinement. Success in generating knowledge and creating insight. A belief that learning and comprehension are the most rewarding human activities. An active web site that chronicles emerging knowledge.

Features: Home | Library | Links | Services | Corp Info
Major Concepts: Realsearch ||| Enterprise Model ||| Maturity Model
                        Knowledge & Agility ||| Agile System Principles
Book: Response Ability - The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise
Book: Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making

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